Sorry...HHL Scotland is no longer taking on new commissions

HHL Scotland takes a holistic approach to sustainable development. It recognises that sustainable development encompasses economic, social and environmental issues, and is not confined to the building envelope.


HHL Scotland has experience in many key sustainable design areas which we use to assess projects, such as solar orientation, photovoltaic cells, passive heating and cooling, natural ventilation, the use of local features and grey water schemes.  


Hazardous materials are not specified, only timber from managed renewable sources and endeavours are made to check all materials for sustainability and conditions of production.


As a practice HHL Scotland has invested heavily in ensuring our office practices have as small as possible impact on the world natural resources.  This year we have installed a 3kW solar photovoltaic system and a passive heating system.  Additionally, all paper, cardboard, glass and plastic is recycled and the practice makes as much use as possible of email and online submissions to avoid wastage.



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